Privacy Policy has developed this privacy policy. To protect personal information of all users (Personal Information) who contacted the website as follows:

data collection

For the convenience of providing services to all users who visit the website, the website has collected your personal information such as e-mail address, website, ID Line, Facebook, name, address or work location. Set a postal code or phone number, etc.

In the event that you send a message to use one of the services, will collect additional personal data from you, including your email address, website, id line, Facebook name, address or work location, zip code or telephone number, search term. In addition, to explore the popularity of using the service In order to be useful in using statistics to improve the quality of service, also needs to collect some additional information about you, such as your IP address, browser type, name. Domain Name is a record of the web page of the website that the user visits. time to visit the website and websites that users previously accessed

In case you want to update or change the information or detects your wrong information to show their intention and provide evidence Ownership of your business at or fill out the form at recommends that you review the privacy policies of other websites linked from this website to know and understand how such websites collect, use or process your personal information. The message could not be authenticated. or certify the operations as announced on the website. and assumes no responsibility if those websites do not operate or operate in accordance with the privacy policy posted by such websites.

Use of personal information will only use your personal information as needed, such as your email address, name, address or work location, geographic location, postal code or telephone number. for use in contacting public relations services or provide information in the business or activities of perform statistical processing to improve the website and collect information from your use of our services; This includes visiting our website.

Use of Cookies

"Cookie" is the information that sends to the web browser of the user. And when such information is installed in your system, if "cookies" are used, the website can save or remember the user's information until the user exits the website browsing program or until the user deletes the "cookie" or does not allow the "cookie" to work anymore. If you choose to use "cookies", then you will be more comfortable browsing the website because "cookies" help remember the websites you visit, visit or surf. will take the information that "cookies" save. or collected for use in static analysis. or in other activities to further improve the quality of services.

shared information

For “Use of Information Collected”, we may share To provide, maintain, protect, improve, develop new services and protect CMHY and you, as well as to provide customized content specifically tailored to your use, such as displaying search results that are relevant to you. Displaying advertisements promoting services that may be of interest to you and that are useful to you. This is done in accordance with the instructions and in accordance with CMHY's privacy policy, including appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

CMHY may share information that does not personally identify users of the Application, such as search results, language used, frequently visited websites, etc., publicly or with our commercial partners such as publishers, advertisers or linked websites. connected

Privacy Policy Updates may update or amend this Privacy Policy without prior notice to you. For the sake of appropriateness and efficiency of the service, recommends that users read the privacy policy at all times. Visit or visit or use the services from the website, the privacy policy was last updated on [August 2022].

Compliance with the privacy policy and dealing with In case you have any questions, suggestions or find incorrect information. or any comments About Privacy Policy or compliance with this Privacy Policy, is happy to answer any questions. listen to suggestions and many comments This will benefit the further improvement of the service. You can contact email Contact us on facebook. or Address RGB7 30 Charoenmuang Watged Chiang mai 50000

August 2022