CHMY APP (Android)

CMHY Application directory* that collects information specific to Chiang Mai province such as business, service, government, finance, shops, schools, presented in an application form. It consists of information, maps, calls, coordinates, pictures, links for the benefit of Chiang Mai residents. and tourists

*V 1.2 supports the display of information only in Muang District, Chiang Mai Province.

Download Application on Playstore (English Version)

Information within the application


system information (V.1.2)

contains business information Location in Chiang Mai city area stored in a database format Within the CMHY application, retrieve data from the website by designing the functionality. To make it more convenient to use and search from users in the form of a smartphone by version 1.2


location coordinates


street address, phone number, more details

business hours

opening date information, and opening hours

Image data

Show a picture of the location of the business.


Categorized for easy search.

travel navigation

Navigate the user to the desired location.

Application Android

Main Group APP (V.1.2)

CMHY application design is created for users to find information. Basic group and search by designing a system of group structure, categories of businesses, services, places, organized into categories by icons and group colors. so that users can access information quickly

Design main category
Design main category

Design using classification by color category.


Design by subcategory with icons and colors


can find information and search for information showing a map

Version (English Version)

Version 1.2 EN [Merovingian] (12 December,2022)

  • Application CMHY for English Version
  • Design all new category icons and sub icons

  • Version 1.1 TH [Agent Smith] (September 27,2021)

  • Google Map search system
  • Google Map sub-categories display system

  • Version 1.0 TH [Oracle] (June 13,2021)

  • Show business information, location, Chiang Mai city area separated into categories
  • Show address information, hours of operation, pictures, navigation to a place. show detailed information and sync database*
  • search system Sync database*

  • Download Application on Playstore (English Version)