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CMHY Apps Privacy Policy for use of the application below. hereinafter referred to as "Application"

Please read and understand this Privacy Policy carefully. that you have installed and/or have accessed this application You are deemed to have agreed to all the terms set out in this Privacy Policy. If you are unable to accept the terms of this Privacy Policy
You are requested to refuse the use of the application by immediately uninstalling the application from your mobile phone/digital device.

Welcome to the CMHY application and the website, a platform operated by RGB7 Store (collectively "RGB7", "CMHY", "we", "us" or "". CMHY is responsible under applicable privacy laws and regulations. We take this Privacy Statement (“Personal Data Protection Act”) very seriously and are committed to respecting the privacy rights and concerns of all users of CMHY applications and websites (“Site”) (we call The Sites and Services we provide as described on our Site (collectively the "Services"). We recognize the importance of the personal information you provide to us. and believe that we have a responsibility to properly manage, protect and process your personal data. This Privacy Policy The Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy” or “Policy”) is designed to help you understand how we collect, use, disclose and/or process the personal information you provide to us and/or our information. You that we possess, whether in the present or in the future. It is also an informative decision, before you provide us with any personal information, please read this Privacy Policy carefully. If you have questions about this information or our privacy practices Please see the section entitled "Questions, Concerns or Complaints? Please contact us" at the end of this Privacy Policy.

Use of Collected Information

CMHY will use information collected from all CMHY Apps to provide, maintain, protect, improve, develop new services and protect us and you, as well as to provide you with customized content. your particular use, such as showing search results that are relevant to you; Displaying advertisements promoting services that may be of interest to you and that are useful to you.

shared information

For “Use of Information Collected”, we may share To provide, maintain, protect, improve, develop new services and protect CMHY and you, as well as to provide customized content specifically tailored to your use, such as displaying search results that are relevant to you. Displaying advertisements promoting services that may be of interest to you and that are useful to you. This is done in accordance with the instructions and in accordance with CMHY's privacy policy, including appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

CMHY may share information that does not personally identify users of the Application, such as search results, language used, frequently visited websites, etc., publicly or with our commercial partners such as publishers, advertisers or linked websites. connected

Information we receive from your use of the application, information you give us.

  • (1) Mobile/Digital Device Information : We collect device-specific information such as hardware model. Operating system and operating system version mobile network information To customize the service and analyze problems suitable for that device
  • (2) Recorded Information : When you browse information and/or content from this application. We will record such browsing and/or content in the aggregator. on's servers and stored in Google Analytics.
  • (3) Cookies and Similar Technologies : Various technologies may be used. To collect and store information when you visit our website and/or services. By using cookies and similar technologies to identify the browser or device and/or to collect and store information
  • (4) Storage Information We may collect and store information. Local storage including collecting data Your favorite section to allow the app to read. To display user information based on access to the application.
  • (5) Our mobile applications may be open regarding the location of the mobile device. Your use of technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, etc., disclose and/or process this information for the purpose of providing location-based services that you request or provide you with relevant content based on your location. as part of our mobile application services For most mobile devices You can withdraw your right to have us receive information about your location through the settings on your device. If you have questions about how to disable location services on your mobile device. Contact your mobile device carrier or device manufacturer.

Use of personal information

CMHY will only use your personal information as necessary, such as mobile device model. mobile operating system To use statistical processing to develop the website and applications. and collect information from your use of our services This includes access to our applications. for future application improvements

change of use policy

The data controller may amend and change the text of this policy. any time and whether in whole or in part The data controller will notify the user of each change in order for the user to consider and proceed with the acceptance by electronic means or any other means. and if the user has taken steps to accept it, such amended policy shall also be deemed to be part of this policy.

In addition, users may access the most recently revised and changed Privacy Policy from the sources displayed by the Data Controller from the following channels:


The presentation of all information, news, articles or any other text in the application. This is just a service to inform news, knowledge and knowledge in various fields to users only.Therefore, we reserve the right to certify the accuracy and are responsible for the content in the application, whether it is information, images, links, coordinates, both directly and indirectly. We are not responsible for in any errors that may arise from the use of the above information whether it is interpretive or commercial aspects, forecasts and use of information for a particular purpose; We have every right to withhold and refrain from providing the above information without prior notice.

legal copyright (Copyrights)

We would like to inform users that all text, images, content, any component of the application, including but not limited to trademarks, Service marks, names, trade names, patents, Know how, etc. appearing on this application. It is a work that is protected by law if any person copy, forgery, duplicate, modify, publicly distribute, sell, have for rent or do any act in a manner that is exploitative. commercial or misuse in any way whatsoever from the aforementioned intellectual property without permission from We will take legal action against the infringers of such rights immediately No guarantee of damages to the service user of the application. Disclaimer of rights and responsibilities arising from the use of our application service In the case of advertising messages and other information In this application, as well as information on other websites we connect to our application or our connection to this application to other websites, there are Errors whether caused by technical, program, content or computer virus causes. Application viruses, etc., are considered a risk arising from The use of judgment and the satisfaction of the service users is important.


NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES The application will not be held liable for any damages. Neither the legal nor the indemnification incurred by the user or any third party. whether directly or indirectly whether special damage accidental damage Damage from data loss Damage from inaccuracies or outdated information computer virus damage Data theft damage damage from defects Delays or network outages and/or any damage caused by your access or access the information or the presentation of information in this application or other websites linked to this website.

Content in the application

Image, text, trade name Trademark service marks or any other materials appearing on this application. has been authorized or approved by the advertiser or the person who sends the information to us. Want us to remove or limit the amount of time your photos or content will be displayed in this application. Please contact us to express your interest. by sending a message and proof of ownership to the email or

All information, pictures, trade names Trademark service mark or any other material is licensed and provided by each advertiser or its rightful owner. Trademark service mark or any other media appearing on this application or any other website linked to this application. It violates any copyright law or is unlawful or is the use of third party information without the consent or the right permission of the real owner. from that Please contact us to express your interest. by sending a message and proof of ownership to the email or

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Governing Law

In the event that it is required to be interpreted as a result of the terms and conditions appearing on this Application/website Thai law shall be the law governing such interpretation.

December 2022