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DISCLAIMER OF SERVICE OF THIS WEBSITE This is done as an agreement between the website operators. (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) and the user of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) by using this website or entering information on any page of this website The user assumes all risks that he or she may incur. and agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions of use.


The presentation of all information, news, articles or any other text on the website. This is just a service to notify news, knowledge and knowledge to users only, therefore, reserves the right to certify the accuracy and is responsible for the content on the website, whether it is information, images, links, coordinates. various, both directly and indirectly, however, is not responsible for in any errors that may arise from the use of the above information Regardless of the interpretation or commercial aspect, forecasting and use of the information for any particular purpose, has the right to withhold and refrain from any such presentation by without prior notice

Copyright by law (Copyrights) would like to inform users of the website that all text, images, content, and all elements of the website, including but not limited to trademarks, Service marks, names, trade names, patents, Know how, etc. appearing on this website. It is a work that is protected by law if any person copy, forgery, duplicate, modify, publicly distribute, sell, have for rent or do any act in a manner that is exploitative. commercial or misuse in any way whatsoever from the aforementioned intellectual property Without permission from, we will take legal action. against the infringers of such rights immediately No guarantee of damage to users of the website Disclaimer and liability arising from the use of's website service in the event that the advertisements and information on this website, including information on other websites to which connects to the website or in connection with the website This goes to another site there. Errors whether caused by technical causes, programs, content or computer viruses, etc. are considered a risk arising from The use of judgment and the satisfaction of the service users is important.


not responsible for damage

The website will not be liable for any damages. Neither the legal nor the indemnification incurred by the user or any third party. whether directly or indirectly whether special damage accidental damage Damage from data loss Damage from inaccuracies or outdated information computer virus damage Data theft damage damage from defects Delays or network outages and/or any damage caused by your access or access to information or presentations of information on this website or other websites linked to this website.

website content

Image, text, trade name Trademark service marks or any other materials appearing on this website. has been authorized or approved by the advertiser or the person who sends the information to us. want us to remove or limit the period of time your images or content is displayed on this website; Please contact us to express your interest. by sending a message and proof of ownership to the email or

All information, pictures, trade names Trademark service mark or any other material is licensed and provided by each advertiser or its rightful owner. Trademark service mark or any other media appearing on this website or any other website linked to this website. It is a violation of copyright law or any unlawful act, or the use of third party information without the consent or the right permission of the respective owner, shall not be liable for any damages caused. any from that

Governing Law

In the event that it is required to be interpreted as a result of the terms and conditions appearing on this website Thai law shall be the law governing such interpretation.

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