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At present, the business is not only the trading, but also the technology in order to increase the chance and competition. Thus, it is interesting to adjust Thailand to be the research and development (R&D) center in this region. In fact, the world economical development depends on technology. The country that has new and high quality products and low cost production will has the chance to expand and grow the economic more than other countries. R&D is the main condition of the successful. The growth parameter can be estimated from the R&D budget of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Israel is the number one country of the world that uses the budget for R&D (4.8% GDP), followed by Sweden, Finland, Japan and Korean (more than 3% GDP) and United State, Germany, Singapore and France (more than 2% GDP). Thailand is only at 0.2% GDP. In fact, the Thai government has the strategy to increase the R&D budget to 1% GDP for new product researches. The trend of R&D will emphasize the marketing products such as agricultural products including natural products and herbs using the biotechnology and nanotechnology approaches.

June 2024

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