Y.M.C.A. Chiangmai

Vision & Mission

To be an organization with social sustaining administration by fully social responsibility personal at all level that efficiently organized activities in response to self development of member and society, based on the international of World Alliance of YMCAs and in accordance with the policy of Asian and Pacific of YMCAs.

Room service

A place for a peaceful retreat in the A place for a peaceful retreat in the heart of Chiang Mai. Where you can see the beautiful scenery of Chiang Mai and Doi Suthep clearly Conveniently located just 10 minutes from the airport and also near the Kad Suan Kaew shopping center. Chiang Mai's major shopping area Here we are ready to serve you with over 80 rooms that are calm, clean and have all the facilities. And has a meeting room that can accommodate up to 300 people

Educational services

We are a language institute that has been trusted by both Thai learners. And foreigners for more than 20 years, which offers courses from basic knowledge, special courses and private courses. In order to focus on language skills development Learning to apply in further studies And occupation as well as promoting a better understanding of culture The traditions of native speakers and good relationships Between students together

International Activities Services

International Activity Center YMCA Chiang Mai Association Has more than 30 years of experience in bringing youth from various countries Around the world come to join activities to exchange knowledge, culture, traditions and different ways of life. Promote peace and create a good relationship with each other in terms of economic, social, and cultural as well as to provide good opportunities for youth members and volunteers to exchange knowledge and enhance friendship with fellow YMCA from various countries World such as Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Sweden, Canada, America, etc.

Training services

YMCA Chiang Mai Training Center is an organization that focuses on management training and Manage training programs for personnel efficiency In community development work Small business management and export of folk handicrafts In the form of a successful course And specialized training courses According to the objectives of the trainees with speakers And the team that is ready Training expertise

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April 2024

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