Wat Thatkhao

There is no historical document accounting for the time when the temple was built but it can be assumed that it was built during Wiang Kum Kam period. The temple was called "Wat That Khao" due to the plastered Chedi.

Wat That Khao is located south of Wat Chediliem in the western part of Wiang Kum Kam. The temple has recently been deserted and surrounded by longan gardens. The temple has been registered as deserted temple by the Department of Religious Affairs.

Construction Plan and Architecture
The temple faces east. The excavated monuments included the Chedi at the back of the Vihara, small Viharas and Ubosot, which also face east. Only the base of the plastered masonry Chedi survived until today.

The excavation that was held in 1985 revealed the plastered Buddha image, which used to be in the small Vihara, in the near-complete condition. There is minor damage at the head of the Buddha image.


January 2024

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