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Our Story - Wake Up Coffee

‘WAKE UP COFFEE’ is a 100% Thai brand with more than 12 branches in Thailand which are open 24/7. The taste of good coffee is like the love that we want to share with everyone. We are passionate about sourcing the finest coffee beans and roasting them with great care to meet the lifestyles of our customers.

Over the years, Wake Up Coffee has been mentioned as an assembly place with a warm and cozy atmosphere which is a perfect place for meeting, relaxing, and enjoying our beverages. Wake Up Coffee also serve a fine dessert called "Wake Up Snow" that many people are known as Bingsu, which is our signature dessert menu.

Besides, we are not only just looking at the business aspect of selling coffee. We want to show the whole picture from upstream to downstream processes. We believe that we all rely on each other. In the upstream process, we are committed to buying responsibly grown coffee to help create a better future for farmers. The midstream process is the production part through the downstream. We assured you that we are serving the highest-quality coffee from the source to your cup.

We pay attention to every step without taking into account money to make all parties happy. We support farmers to have a career and income. We make them proud of being part of a quality coffee brand and we want to share this with you.

Wake Up Coffee is all about great coffee at an affordable price, connecting you with the stories behind the brew, and rewarding the farmers each time you make a purchase.


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June 2024

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