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Joy of life is something we all wish for. It is even more so with people with disabilities. That is why our workshop is named Baan Sanook (literally ‘the house of joy’). It is run by ‘The Healing Family Foundation’ founded in 2005 by a group of parents. Its working principle is simple and straightforward: it aims to provide a space for people with disabilities (mainly intellectual) to enjoy themselves. However to carry it out in an effective way requires certain considerations.

What kind of work can they do best? Thanks to a Japanese design, we are equipped with the disableperson- friendly handloom. Each piece of their woven clothes is unique and, we would like to think, beautiful.

what can we do with their clothes? Again thanks to some artistically-minded Japanese volunteers, we are able to make them into a variety of products, e.g., t-shirt, tablecloth, necktie, button,

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