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Chiang Mai University (CMU) was founded in January 1964, under a Royal Charter granted by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It was the first institution of higher education in the north, and the first provincial university in Thailand. We, as the Department of Mass Communication, was operating under the Faculty of Humanities since the establishment of the university, and on August 27, 2005, the department then became an autonomous Faculty.


The Faculty of Mass Communication provides experiential programs in undergraduate and graduate study attracting students from across Thailand and worldwide. Approximately 250 undergraduate students and 35 graduate students are enrolled each year. Our intensive curriculums include journalism, marketing communication, and Entertainment, emphasizing content creation, media production, and convergent media landscape. The Faculty houses not only the University radio—Voice of Mass Communication providing academic services to local community for decades but also television studio, publication studio, and theater studio allowing students to get practical experience with how industry standard production equipment and facilities operate. The Faculty has fostered outstanding graduates recognized as the country’s leading individuals in the field of media. Among some of the Faculty graduates are Lupt Utama—professional costume designer known for plenty of works featuring in successful films: The Impossible (2012), World War Z (2012), The Sweeney (2012), and the House of Saddam 2, and 3, and Dr.Suwichit Chaidaroon—a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Marketing and Business Strategy, Westminster Business School.


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