Saha Kanpamoon Auct (Chiangmai)

Union Auction Public Company Limited (“Company”) was registered as Union Auction Company Limited on August 2, 1991 with the start-up registered capital of 3 million baht. The Company’s business was to conduct an auction of automobiles, under the management of Mr. Thepthai Sila, its promoter and business pioneer.

In the beginning, the key business focused on the used automobiles. In 1991, the owner established a company when seeing the potential of automobile auction services business which has not yet well-known at that time in Thailand. He studied the demand of customers and many car auction businesses in many countries, such as USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc. with the objective to offer the alternative of automobile buying/selling services and to create the ultimate satisfaction to customers, both buyers and sellers. The Company was considered the first company in Thailand conducting the automobile auction as an Open Auction in which the buyers showed the intention of purchase by offering the price to the public or participated bidders. The winner was the last one who offered the highest price.

The company's current business has extended to an auction of motorcycles and other types of assets according to customer's demand, such as land and houses, shares, furniture, electric appliances, and brand-name products, i.e. bags, watches (“brand-name”), etc.

January 2024

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