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SP Auditing & Consulting Company Limited formerly name is S.P. HOME Auditing Office Limited partnership, the “Company”, was incorporated in Thailand on 30 July 2012 and registered with Federation of Accounting Professions on 5 September 2012. On 19 September 2016, the Company was registered as company limited under the name "SP Auditing & Consulting Company Limited". We provide professional auditing service with the highest quality and fairness to drive a valuable outcome to our clients with our masterly team. With over 14 years of experience and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) accredited from the leading Big4 Audit Firm, we have been recognized a specialist in auditing and accounting to handle the service that work closely with you.

Its registered office located at 28/3 Rattanakosin Road Soi1, Wat Ket, Muaeng Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai. 

Our clients include company in several industry sectors, including manufacturing, hotel & hospitality business, trading, real estate, non-profit organization and BOI granted company and many more in both Thai and English. Some of our clients

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May 2024

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