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Chiangmai Ram Hospital sits at the center of one of Thailand's largest and most respected hospital groups which is "The Ramkhamhaeng Group".      The Ramkhamhaeng Group has the resources, experience and expertise that provide international quality health care with significantly competitive prices.   This combined with a long tradition of Thai hospitality has earned Chiangmai Ram Hospital the respect and confidence of the people of Thailand, the region, and the world.         Chiangmai Ram Hospital is a private hospital with superior standards and state-of-the art facilities. The doctors and nurses truly understand hospital management, patient care and treatment combined with sensitive and attentive care to all patients.     Chiangmai Ram Hospital’s primary goal is to provide high quality health care with highly trained specialists and up-to-date equipment based on ISO 9002 standards.>     Until recently (November 2009), Chiangmai Ram Hospital had successfully completed and was awarded the “Goal Seal Quality Approval” and certified by the Joint Commission International Accreditation or JCIA.     Chiangmai Ram Hospital is first international quality hospital in northern Thailand and one (1) out of over two hundred hospitals world-wide that have been accredited by JCI.REF   Chiangmai Ram Hospital

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