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few years, it became the leader of transportation

technology in the beginning for example in 1953 Diamond Free 60cc,2-cycle motorized bicycle debuts and its monthly production exceeds 6,000 unitsamid a bike boom and in 1955 Suzulight 360cc, 2-cycle minivehicle debuts, helping to usher inJapan's minivehicle age. SUZUKI aimed to be the leader of motor vehicle. And by many research and developmentintegrates with computer designed technique, SUZUKI is continuously producing new modern and outstanding technology.

Ariyakij G.P. Co., Ltd. is SUZUKI Automobileauthorized dealer in Chiang Mai. The company, established in1988, is administrated by Mr.Awirut Ariyawutyakorn. We serve our clientswith the standardized quality and put our heart in every detail. Nowadays, ourclients in ChiangMai and nearby province entrust our service throughout 20 years and on.

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