Baan Ratchiangsaen

Welcome to Chiangmai, the charming city of the northern Thailand. Influenced by the beauty of nature and culture, Baan Ratchiangsaen is built for guests who want to touch a real way of Chiangmai people life style. All 16 cozy rooms are decorated with the beauty Lanna style. Baan Ratchiangsaen locate in the chiangmai old town surrounded by a charming temples and ancient pagoda. Less than 5 minutes by walking, guests can explore a real way of local people at chiangmai gate market. Baan Ratchiangsaen location is also next to the Wualai road, the silversmith street and the Saturday night market. It is a tourist attraction that draws foreigners and Thai nationals to enjoy shopping an authentic northern handy crafts.

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May 2024

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