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    The symbol of time that realizes the significance of education as the instrument to set human beings free through St. Louise Marie Grignion de Montfort (A.D. 1673-1716) motto of ‘God Alone’ which has molded numerous  people to perpetuate  his mission in the same direction. One of these groups of people is the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Gabriel, who have dedicated themselves for the education of children and youths so that they will become good and worthy global citizens. This congregation had spread out to establish education institutions throughout every continent in the world.

    This idealism of St. Montfort has existed for 300 years (A.D 1719 – 2016) because the Brothers of St Gabriel are profoundly inspired by St. Montfort, whose  idealism had led everybody around him to the brightest path and made them fervently seek for ‘the Eternal Wisdom’.

    Presently, the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Gabriel has her Headquarter in Rome, Italy. This is under the supervision of the Superior General by the name of Rev. Bro. John Kalarackal. There are approximately 1,300 Brothers spreading throughout 31 countries all over the world. In Thailand, Rev. Bro. Surasit Sukchai is the Provincial Superior.

    At present, the Foundation of the Brothers in Thailand has 17 education institutions under their supervision. This includes Montfort College, Chiang Mai, which is the third education institution of the Foundation in Thailand.
    With the commitment of organizing education for youths in Thailand, in 1972 (B.E 2475), The Brothers of St. Gabriel of Thailand established Montfort College in Chiang Mai with Father Renémoniare as the manager and Brother Simeon Rhicol as the first Director to provide formal education for Chiang Mai children according to St. Louise Marie Grignion de Montfort spirit which aimed at leading human beings to the Eternal Truth through education with the vision of ‘the school for Eternal Wisdom’ with the following philosophy:

    1. The ultimate goal of life is to know the Truth and to attain Dharma which is the origin of life.

    2. LABOR OMNIA VINCIT which means hard work leads to success in life.

    To put these two philosophies into practice, Montfort College has analyzed the education components both procedure, origin, objectives and other factors to form a cycle which we name “Montfort way” which is the cycle of development to the goal for students to become “a person who is full, warm, kind, ethical and universal in character”.   

    FULL that is developed to the optimum potentials in all dimensions; social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

    WARM that is dependable and happy to live with.

    KIND that is hospitable and serviceable to fellow human beings and the society.

    ETHICAL that is be good and happy with oneself and live with contextual moral principles.

    UNIVERSAL in character that is possess skill, knowledge, sufficient proficiency and live graciously in the universal globe.

    In the driving process of the school towards the future with international standards is the move towards the era of competition. Therefore, the most significant thing is everybody must collaborate to develop education quality of the school toward the future with the purpose.

    Under the administrative structure with Brother Dechachai Sripicharn,Ph.D as the president of the Foundation of St. Gabriel of Thailand and Brother Surakit Srisrankulwong, Ph.D in the position of the school Director, with all the teachers and education personnel both Thai and International numbering over 250 together with school officials and workers of over 100 and approximately 3,200 students. The administration of the school consists of 5 departments of Academic, Students’ Affairs. General Management, Registration and Directors’ Office.

    Throughout these long years of operation, the Brothers, the school Administrative Board, senior teachers, education personnel, students, parents and the community have dedicated their physical, mental strength and time to develop their beloved education institution and more importantly through His Majesty King Bhumibhol Aduljadej’s greatness.

    In 1986 academic year, HRH Princess Maha Chakkree Sirindhorn graciously presided over the inauguration ceremony of the newly relocated Montfort College Secondary.

    In 1990 academic year HRH Princess Somsawalee with HRH Princess Bhadhara  Kitiyapha graciously preside over the opening ceremony of “Science for Community” day.

    In 1993 academic year, HRH Princess Maha Chakkree Sirindhorn graciously presided over the opening ceremony of “Emmanuel” building as the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the establishment of Montfort College in Chiang Mai.

    In 1997 academic year, HRH Princess Maha Chakkree Sirindhorn graciously visited the school to listen to the performance of  the  joint Marching Band fo Montfort, Regina and Assumption College Band.

    In 2011 academic year, HRH Princess Maha Chakkree Sirindhorn graciously presided over the opening ceremony of St. Mary building, which was regarded as the great manifestation of Her kindness.

    From the past to the present, Montfort College has been well taken care of by the Foundation and has done great benefits to the society and the country. Many alumni of Montfort College have served the country in various high and important positions such as, the Prime Minister, ministers, high ranking civil service officials, military, police officers, medical doctors, judges, teachers, university lecturers, business men and academicians.

    With the spirit of hard work and perseverance of all parties, Montfort College has organized learning process according to Montfort way so that the students will have their own identities and identical characteristics of being persons who are full, warm, kind, ethical and with universal characteristics in a concrete manner. The outcome of Montfort College students are evident, which brought about the reputation of the school both academically and in music and sport activities. These outcomes were both at the national and international levels. All these superbly reflect the development and progress of the school.

    The 88-year history has sufficiently reflected excellent achievement worth keeping in mind in a meaningful manner as the school moves forward toward the future with determination and purpose.

    From now on, in order to perpetuate this legacy and commitment of our predecessors, we as Montfort students pledge to preserve the organization culture effectively and develop it further as the saying of our motto: LABOR OMNIA VINCIT.