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Krungthai Card Public Company Limited (“Company” or “KTC”) operations includes credit card business, credit card related business, personal loan business, utilities payment services, and also act as a payment service provider under supervision. KTC was registered as a juristic person on 4th December 1996, with an authorized capital of Baht 50 million, and was transformed into a public company limited under the name of Krungthai Card Public Company Limited on 2nd July 2002. Later on, there was a resolution on an extraordinary general meeting to increase the company’s authorized capital by another Baht 950 million by means of right offerings to Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited as a former shareholder for 44 million shares and to public offerings for 51 million shares; therefore, the total authorized capital was raised to Baht 1,000 million with total shares of 100 million shares. The company was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 28th October 2002.

KTC’s strategy focuses on building membership base to sustain company’s profits in which credit card and personal loan are core businesses. Besides, the company has offered other related businesses to satisfy its members. As at December 31, 2018, KTC had a total of 3.3 million accounts consisting of 2,387,659 credit cards and 951,882 personal loan accounts.

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