Hand to Hand Combat

Hand to Hand Combat

                  This bare-handed fighting form is derived form a range of outstanding martial arts, selecting only their strong points in order to teach techniques.It is important to have good combat technique if we are to have a chance against an aggressor who may be armed, in a group or much stronger than us physically.

                  You can learn hand to hand combat regardless of gender or age or career since we adapt our teaching technique to the individual in each case. You will be impressed.

How to get Education visa 1 year ?

12-month Self-Defense ED (Education) Visa is the only program of its kind in Thailand. Run by a skilled team of Thai military police instructors under the leadership of an elite VIP bodyguard, this immigration-approved school is specifically designed for all ages and fitness levels.

Unlike the 12-month volunteer visa, this solution allows the bearer to attach a multiple re-entry permit for travel flexibility if required. Fast track 90-day reporting is included in the service.

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