Cafe Amazon (PTT Lanpakeaw)

Café Amazon was founded in 2002 from the vision of executives of PTT (Public) Company Limited who are aware of opportunities to enhance marketing competency of PTT gas station. As a result, the concept was set to be the business in PTT gas station which generates income to PTT gas station and meet the lifestyle of consumers and travelers.

"Café Amazon" brand awareness starts from the concept that Brazil is the origin of coffee and the land of Amazon forest, which is the world’s best natural rainforest, abounding with charms of the great nature, plants, trees, streams and wildlife. It is also the source of clean air. Such concept is applied to create a coffee shop with shady atmosphere surrounded by trees and water.

Throughout the years, Café Amazon has been developed to be the meeting area and recreation for travelers. It is decorated with green tone, presenting natural image by using gardens and fountains to create cozy, relaxing and shady atmosphere. This is the unique identity of Cafe Amazon, like an Oasis of travelers. With its unique and rich taste of coffee, it becomes the slogan, “Taste of Nature".


May 2024

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