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Expat Auto was founded in 2009 by two guys with a passion to help the community in Chiang Mai to navigate through the car buying and ownership process.  We aim to make it easy and bring you peace of mind!

We all know that many used car dealers around the world have given the car business a bad name. Some of this comes out of straight up dishonesty, but some of it also comes out of neglect on the part of the seller to fully check what they are selling. Cars have a lot of parts and it takes some expertise to know what you are looking at. We at Expat Auto feel that the reputation of the used car business is unfortunate yet avoidable.  That’s why we have Expat Auto Certified Cars.  See below for details on our certified cars.

If you are looking for something a little older, you may consider some of our non-certified cars.  And if you don’t see anything that interests you in either section, you can also submit a car request for us to keep a look out for a car through our network that meets your needs

Certified Inspection and Renewal Process

230 point Test Drive & Visual Inspection: 

Engine (cylinder compression check on gasoline engines over 70k km, timing belt, leaks from freeze-plugs, gaskets and seals, etc)

Drive Train (transmission operation, drive shaft seals, universal joints, cv-joints, wheel bearings, etc)

Steering Components (steering rack, tie rod ends, alignment, etc.)

Suspension (shocks, ball joints, leaf springs bushings, control arm bushings, etc)

Brakes & Tires (discs and drums, pads, tire wear, etc)

Electrical Components (battery, alternator, spark plugs, wiring, etc)

Lights & Accessoriesmechanics lift

Cooling System (radiator, hoses, water pump, fans, etc)

A/C (temperature, thermostat, controls, etc)

Exhaust System (mufflers and pipes)

Paint, Body, and Interior condition

Fluid levels and quality (motor oil, transmission/gear oils, brakes, power steering, radiator coolant, battery, etc.)

REF https://expatautocm.com/buying_certified/

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