Sleep Mai? Lifestyle Hotel (Thaphea)

People who travel will sense the difference. This is where work meets play. You want to get things done while having fun. If you’re looking for comfort, privacy, centrality, reliable service, and great wi-fi connection in a hotel, Sleep Mai? Lifestyle Hotel hits all the checkboxes and more. Each location is designed to be different, with a set of hallmarks that deliver a locally unique and neighborhood lifestyle experience. We offer a compact range of fitness equipment, foosball tables and other entertainment essentials, as well as going the extra mile by having a kitchen with a resident chef who whips up fresh and healthy meals for breakfast.
FREQUENT TRAVELER. We always ensure that our rooms are relaxing retreats.
COUPLES ON HOLIDAY. We make your stay romantic and distinctly yours.
GROUP FUN. Discover new ways to create lasting memories.
CONNECTING FAMILIES. We offer specially-designed, kid-friendly family rooms.


April 2024

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