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D.A.T.T. what stands for Dutch Agro Technology and trade, is a company which focuses on developing Dutch horticulture in Asia.  Our goal and vision is to transmit knowledge to local farmers and train the people to become high quality farmers, using the right methods and technology.
- Supply of horticultural inputs:

We promote that all used technology and used materials are from the highest quality. In order to obtain this goal, we import a large variety of quality products from Holland, which we supply to farmers. For example we supply vegetable seeds ( De Ruiter Seeds and Bejo seeds), growing media, hydroponic fertilizers, irrigation equipment, measure equipment and greenhouses etc.
- Marketing

Once farmers saw the possibilities of our inputs and technology they insisted that D.A.T.T. would do the marketing for them, 'making sure that farmers can do what they can do the best'-growing.. The brand Take Me Home by d.a.t.t. was founded. Under this brand we only sell products that are produced under D.A.T.T. supervision.
- Horticultural consultancy, training and advise:

Due to the fact that our strategy is to spread knowledge , a main part of our work consists of teaching and training people, give consultancy to investors or entrepreneurs and advice people making the right decisions.

As a result of our experience, knowledge and expertise, we offer growing recommendations for a variety of crops including field crops, growing vegetables inside or outside greenhouses.

We train starting and running farmers how to start up, manage and develop growing in greenhouses.

Within Asia we have several Horticultural Production & Practical Training Centers, where farmers are trained practical and theoretical how to grow and manage the farms. In these centers we train farmers all practical things a farmer need to know, by letting him actually work practical in the production facilities.

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