All Inter Express Limited Partnership

 All Inter Express Limited Partnership has been offering the delivery service on documents and various parcels via air plane and ship for more than 20 years.  Indeed, it is the sole agent of the DHL WORLDWIDE EXPRESS (THAILAND) CO., LTD in Chiang Mai. During 1990-1999, it changed to be COURIER Company consisting of TNT EXPRESS WORLDWIND, FEDERAL EXPRESS, DHL WORLDWIDE EXPRESS and UNITED PARCEL SERVICE. For the delivery via ship, it is under the name of ALL INTER EXPRESS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP.  Since then, the company is well trusted by service users throughout the world due to words-of-mouth, experience, one stop service, rapidness, one inexpensive service charge. It can be said that COURIERS is the ONE STOP SERVICE CENTER.

Therefore, All inter Express Limited Partnership in Chiang Mai is the most complete service on delivery of documents and parcels. If only you call to us, all services will be offered to you rapidly and conveniently. With one honors and reputation having been accumulated for a long time, it makes our company be ranked first up to the present.

 1. Transport by air.
 International air transport. As part of our service All Inter Express agent of couriers network in more than 220 countries world wide. We cooperate with the service provider. Delivery of documents and parcels to the DHL Express, Federal Express, TNT Express and United Parcel Service, so that you can be carefree package will be delivered to the destination safely and quickly as possible.

2.Available Shipment By Sea 
Shipping services for customers who want to deliver a lot more.But no matter the time of delivery.          (On average, about one month for the U.S. and Europe Zone 1, 1-2 weeks for Asia) We offer both wholesale and retail(LCL) are a contractor or cabinet(FCL) with fast service, no matter how little or how much of it we are ready to serve you at all times.

3. Transport services in the country 
All Inter Express Courier & Cargo we have services in the country with a network of TNT Express Domestic delivery. We can arrange delivery of your parcel delivery service to all areas in Thailand, with the confidence and trust that your package will arrive as certainly and fast.
4. Other services  

- Transportation and materials moving by trucks and workers.
- The submission of documents for Customs both in Thailand and overseas.
- To apply for a licenses to export the document. Buddha Permit and artifacts form C/O, form A, form JTEPA from government trade, and all export documents.
- Packaging materials and packaging services.
- Provided with packing at your residence.
- Free paper boxes (by Air only)

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