new edge house s

Newedge Property , Founded by Khun Namton Nimmolrut , has been operating for 10 years with passionately space sensation .

From boring in traditional and contemporary style of commercial building , the owner try to spread his project off the old-function methodology . He put such a richy sauce for his first product in the view of architecture .

Announcing the new little beloved-baby project , grateful of 10th anniversary this years , he’s proud to present the gem of fullscale living sensation which seats on the middle between airport and old town in the sanctuary place . Start from unique 3 stories building , 5.5m Wide-Open , smells the bliss throughly sky-light till the end of first entrance floor . Smoke of handmade material ingredients , like terrazzo with high-class aluminum glass fittings , they can be merged and melted for this kind of residential product quite perfectly . Moreover , they seem do gotten along together with architectural design in the point of released humidity .

At last , more than any imagination , please feel free and always warm welcome to test the immerse of authentic 10th anniversary studio house development by your own experience .

June 2024

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