SEN : Sanggadee Exhibition in Nature 2023

This event ended.
  • 1 December 2023 - 5 December 2023
  • Sang ga dee Space
  • GPS : 18.7676024, 99.0660873
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SEN : Sanggadee Exhibition in Nature 2023

"SEN" is a Thai word meaning 'line' in literal translation. It can also mean noodles, threads, nerves, or classify the unit of lengthy things.

SEN Festival - We also believe that humans are warp and weft threads woven together into a community. This year, we explore the theme of "Sen" further in its role in the four requisites because it is present in every part of daily life: food, textiles, wellness and habitats.

We live and exist together with nature, forming an organically creative space, given the freedom to oversee structural activities and processes. We emphasise collaboration with networks aligned in ideas and intentions and provide continuously related activities that exhibit our determination through them. We invite everyone to join us at this event to learn, play, experiment and work together to strive sustainably in all aspects.

Food & Sustainabillity / Textile & Culture / Health & Knowledge / House & Community

Visit the event and get inspired by a new generation and established artists, designers, makers, and local hill tribes' craft practitioners. Explore and shop selected handmade products, and participate in the workshop to exchange knowledge.

Market / Workshop / Skill-sharing / Exhibition / Talk

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