Chiang Mai Design Week 2023

This event ended.
  • 2 December 2023 - 10 December 2023
  • area, Chiang Mai Province
  • GPS : 18.7902490, 98.9874610
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Transforming Local, adapting, expanding, growing local

'Chiang Mai' today is still blooming. and is growing strongly after the crisis has passed. and moving towards an aging society Among new opportunities that arise beyond limitations from the power of people who never stop creating. Entrepreneurs who accelerate the development of products and services Active Citizens, including Homecoming people who return with strong skills and experiences. different perspective Immediately began to search for various possibilities from local capital that was full of value and combined with creativity. To design a life, a way of life based on oneself and an identity of pride.

In the 9th year of 'Chiang Mai Design Week', we would like to invite designers, thinkers, creators, entrepreneurs, artists, and returning people. Or those who are interested in coming together to move forward together under the concept of 'Transforming Local, adapting, expanding, local, growing', a space for presenting, exchanging, connecting every inspiration. and ideas for expanding old and new knowledge that will help improve the quality of life Transforming the local economy As well as fulfilling competitive opportunities with international networking programs. To drive the creative industry In parallel, push local potential to be accepted. and stand gracefully on the international stage


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