UMay+ (Sahasripoom place)

EASY BUY Public Company Limited (EASY BUY) formerly known as Siam A&C Company Limited was incorporated on September 30, 1996 with an initial paid-up registered capital of 120 million Baht by the form of joint venture between top leading Thai companies and ACOM Co., Ltd., a leading consumer financial company in Japan. On April 1, 2005, the Company was converted into a public limited company and changed its name to EASY BUY Public Company Limited.

EASY BUY has performed as a consumer financial company under permission from the Bank of Thailand to serve consumers throughout Thailand under“Umay+ brand . EASY BUY offers two types of consumer financial products representing (i) revolving loan and (ii) installment loan.

EASY BUY pursues its goal to become the best leading consumer financial company in Thailand. EASY BUY aims at the highest customer’s satisfaction and provides financial service conveniences to customers. By continually improving its services quality, EASY BUY has been serving more than 2 million customers over 15 years.

EASY BUY also leads in high information technology to uplift fast and flexible services through Umay+ Channels and its customer service function.

EASY BUY is always concerned on the importance of data security and a continuity of business under unexpected situations to ensure our customers continuous services. From continuous on business expansion of EASY BUY, presently, it Company has a paid-up capital of 6,000 million baht with more than 2,800 EASY BUY employees nationwide. (as at December 31, 2017)


June 2024

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