Playground inovative fitness

We have a dream that everyone can reverse the time to have a healthy and great shape body like when we are young.

We want to see our best friend from high school can go back and run 10km just like before.

We want to see our sister who used to be popular but after having 2 kids didn’t have time for herself can go back to look and feel great.

We want to see our aunt who have back pain can go back to dance with ease just like in the 70s.

We believe everyone has things they want to do but sometimes their body just don’t allow them.

Might be because they have been working for so long without taking care of themselves, been raising kids, been injured, getting older, or just don’t know how to start.

These days everyone knows the benefits of exercises and how living healthy life can help them but sometime start doing it, it not easy.

When you want to make some changes and decide to go to a gym, you found that there were so many weird machines and have no clues how to start. All the classes also looks so intense that it doesn’t seems you belong.

If you feel that way, we also do. and that’s the reason why we start Playground..


June 2024

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