Baan Imjai (Child Home)

Im Jai House Orphanage has been operated since A.D.1997 by three people who have a burden and vision to help children whom affected by HIV at that time.  It was a very small amount of fund to start this ministry, only 1,500.00Baht or US$50.00.  We have believe that this ministry touched God’s heart and then He blessed us through Immanuel Baptist Church where two of us are members.  The church gave us a certain amount of fund that we were able to operate the orphanage.  We got 15 children at the first start from the Government Orphanage.

Im Jai House accepts both boys and girls, ages 5-18 years old.  Our staff have been dedicated themselves to take care of the children with Jesus’ love.  We teach and lead the children according to the Biblical teaching and Christian ethics.  We provide them education, formal and informal, and through various activities to develop their potential.

The children need good example form adult in their daily life. They need to find out their potential and skills in order to set their goals or proper careers in the future.  Im Jai House supports them to reach their goals that they will have bright future and be a leader in their community as well as to help others.

If you have a burden to help the children whom have no family support, please let us know or send your support through our bank account as below:

Payment  “Imjai House”Bangkok Bank, Thapae Branch

Saving account #251-4-21128-9

June 2024

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