Viengping Children’s Home

Viengping  Children’s Home locates at 63/3  Moo 4 Donkaew, Maerim , Chiangmai , post code 50180. Its area cover 6.8 acre.

          Public welfare Department approved to set up the Baby unit in area of Chiangmai Boy’s Home in March 5th 1986. The objective was giving care for children from newborn to five years who were abandoned at the hospitals over 17 provinces of northern. Doing that was according to resolution of the cabinet on May 18th , 1977 , criterion to prevent child-traffic indicated that the hospital the child-mother center and private nursing home had to send abandoned children to the organization of Public Welfare Department to be cared in 6 months.

          On budget year 1987 , Public Welfare Department assigned role of Northern Child Firstly Admission Home. It had to be both the firstly  admission home and the home for baby.

          Mission of the Firstly Admission Home was to care  for boy and girl age from 7 to 18 years who was the street child, homeless , bad behavior or the child guardian could not care.

          The children would get welfare and protection of their security not more than 6 months. They would be helped to improve behavior to be good people of social and to help themselves.

          Mission of Home for Baby was to care for baby from newborn to five years who were orphan and abandoned. They would get chance for growth and developing what suitable to their age, physical, mental and intelligence.

          The area located on donated land 4 acre. At Tambon Padaed, Muang district, Chiangmai. In the year 1987, the government budget was assigned for building and utility but later the Public Welfare Department submitted to Budget office changed the place to be in area of Chiangmai Boy’s Home 6.8 acre instead. Public Welfare Department nominated Mr.Wanlop Ploytubtim, the superintendent of Boy’s Home, to be more position the Director of the Firstly Admission Home.

          On April 1996, the Division of Child and Youth submitted to change its name to be Viengping Children’s Home. Reasons were because of decreasing of urgent cases and one more group came to be target was children from Aids parents since 1993.

          Later, the public welfare Department announced two issues;

1.Stoped role of Firstly Admission Home , signed by the Director, general on    October 9 , 1996.

2.Established of Viengping Children’s Home on October 9, 1996 Viengping Children’s Home located at 63/3 Moo4 Donkaew, Maerim district, Chiangmai. Its authority was to care for children according to the Revolution Annoucement on November         27 , 1972 , copy 294 . ( at present use the Legislation of Children Protection, 2003)


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