Sarapee Hospital

 Saraphi is not the first hospital. There is only a building on the 2nd floor of the health center. The area of ​​the abandoned temple, which is the land of the Department of Religion, built a health center on the first floor, which was built in 1965 and completed in 1967, and directly to the health of Saraphi. Later in the same year, the health center was built on the first floor of the Ministry of Public Health, adding another 1 in the area of ​​7 rai 2. The Ministry of Public Health rented the abandoned temple land belonging to the Department of Religion located in Moo 3 Tambon Sarapee away from the district. 4 km away from Chiang Mai city and 11 km from downtown Lamphun. Built in 1968. It was opened on March 4, A complete medical fair value, presided over the hospital.
1975  Has been raised as a medical and health center.
1976  was raised as a community hospital with the size of 10 beds.
1977  From the battlefield of Phra Khru Siri Thammachit. Abbot Wat Pakong (at that time), along with people in Sarapee and Tambon Udom in Lamphun province, organized rape harmony. Build a sleeping patient One of the buildings in the building is Samakkhi, and the room is expanded. Storage room and maternity ward
1987  The donation from the Silom Tobacco Company is Baht 1 million. The building is a special hospital building with 6 rooms, can accommodate 10 sleeping patients and 1 dental room.
1993  The Ministry of Public Health has approved a budget of 15,750,000 baht to expand into a 30-bed hospital. The hospital advisory committee then discussed the need to make a donation of money. The nursing home and the staff built in land rent and purchase a total of 4 rai at the house.
2004  It has been expanded to include 60 self-reliant hospitals.
2009  The hospital has a problem, especially in the parking area of the service and the official. Established a fund to buy land to expand the area. Hospital Services
2010  Opened in Thai traditional medicine and folk medicine, with the support of the property from Wat Hua Hin. And donated land from Maekokruang Jiewang, 8 rai 1 ngan 61 square wah, located in Khao Mung district. His daughter, Khun Chan Chaisin, donated one building for this land. Sarapee Hospital uses one more fund to support the Thai traditional medicine and local medicine, which is the branch of Sarapee Hospital.
 2013  The official opening of the Thai Traditional Medicine and Medical Center, which is a branch of Sarapee Hospital.


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