Dairy Queen (Hangdong)

Back in 1940 in the city of Joliet, Illinois, USA, a man, JF McCulloughs had a fascination with ice cream. He never stopped tasting ice cream. He had tried to find the best tasting ice cream with the most delicious taste. JF discovered that ice cream would taste more delicious if it was soft, smooth and not like frozen ice cream sold at a general store. So, he invented a unique ice cream recipe made with ice cream that was soft, had a milky aroma and was called ‘Queen of Milk Products” or "Dairy Queen".

In1996, The first Dairy Queen was born in Thailand. At Central Ladprao a Dairy Queen branch was opened by Minor Food Company and became a phenomenal success. Delicious ice cream like no other with smooth, creamy soft-serve ice cream and ‘Blizzard’ marketing secured an overwhelming response from Thai people so much so that new branches were quickly opened to meet demand.

In 2011, Dairy Queen expanded the franchise to more than 500 branches nationwide, with a staff of dedicated people proudly presenting the ice cream menu using fresh ingredients selected for quality and packed full of flavour for everyone to enjoy the sweet, full flavour. Hot dogs and drinks were added to make a special treat!

Today, more than 70 years have passed, since the first Dairy Queen opened in Thailand through the good-intentions of a group of people who have, at their heart, a love of quality ice-cream and a dream that everyone in the world could taste their delicious ice cream. And even more so to be able to invent unique menus that were part of the development of the franchise industry in Thailand. Therefore, it cannot be denied that no one can be found who does not know the “Blizzard” cup-style posture that is the unique style of the Dairy Queen.

The great Dairy Queen stories is a result of the dedicate hard work of all of our Dairy Queen people. Therefore, we promise to continue to honour our glorious inheritance of our sweet success story to give everyone a smile and happiness that will be with us and our customers forever.

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June 2024

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