Kad Tor Nyon Episode "Saw Sed Pang Silp"

  • 3 December 2022 - 5 December 2022 Event ended
  • Loang Him Kao
  • GPS : 18.7853685, 99.0477839
  • Navigated by Google map

Invited to meet with the annual event of the Lhong Him Kao community. at Gad Tor Nyon Activities that are part of Chiang Mai Design Week using natural materials and scrap materials in everyday life to create cool works of art There is also an art contest made from scrap materials for children and youth. You can come and support the children. There are also many community handicraft markets to choose from. You can listen to music with open hats, sip coffee, watch art, taste a variety of foods. Playground for children to enjoy to the fullest.


Can join the activity from 3 - 5 December time 10.00 to about 17.30 at Long Him Kao, San Klang Subdistrict, San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai Province, which is only 9 km from Chiang Mai city.

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