Chiang Mai Alive Chang Moi 2022

  • 22 July 2022 - 21 August 2022 Event ended
  • Chang Moi
  • GPS : 18.7903810, 98.9950356
  • Navigated by Google map

An event that brings together creative ideas to revitalize the district and areas throughout the city

This time, "Chang Moi" is a model area where we picked up the uniqueness as the area to create life in the first place. Chang Moi has become a unique neighborhood like no other. It is a gathering place for a variety of people, both old and new. interesting business beautiful architecture Including the idea of ​​people in the neighborhood who want to push around the house to be livable.

So this is only the beginning part. that we would like to take you to start Walk the streets in style

in Chang Moi area Ready to harvest the story and creative design that has been mixed with the hidden culture in this area

22 July - 21 August at Chang Moi Community

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