One Stop Shopping Expo @Chiangmai 2566

  • 4 March 2023 - 12 March 2023 Event ended
  • Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre
  • GPS : 18.8270134, 98.9602098
  • Navigated by Google map

Furniture Expo @chiangmai, the big fair, pleasing to the budget, furniture and home decoration products Manufacturers from the factory by themselves, such as mattress, bed, bed, sofa, home decoration products, organized, tight, only this event!

  • Chiangmai Motor Show, a great car show in the north Compressing boiling pro !! Various car brands from famous camps Ready to test drive Many promotions
  • Korea Japan Sale @chiangmai includes new cool items with shopping immediately. Do not wait for beauty items, including cosmetics, skin care creams, snacks, Mama and many other products for you to shop. The zone is really good, not the eye, the degree of power. With the best promotion .. 10-80% discount and 1 get 1 free
  • Fashion Jewelry & Beauty Expo @chiangmai, Mae Sai Fair, can't miss fashion, clothing, shoes, bags, all kinds of jewelry.
  • Food market, yesterday @chiangmai, including delicious food Thai food With the famous food that is collected to be full until the belly Enjoy local products and local performances. Ready to take pictures With a retro atmosphere, retro, come together Full of delicious food festivals Dao famous shop With international food
  • Bookworm Market @ Chiang Mai, a collection of books By collecting famous publishers Come to distribute to everyone, such as novels, documentary books, comic books, literature books, investigative books, old books and rare books. Enjoy reading a new way that will make you lost in the world of fun books.
  • Thai Silk Festival @chiangmai, including good fabric, outstanding Thai fabric, famous Collecting Thai fabric experts in one event
  • Wedding Fair @chiangmai for the first time with the Wedding Fair. For couples, wedding couples have to hurry.

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